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The First Note


Studio Papillon was founded by Jennifer Rose in 2003.  The papillon or butterfly represents the educational process.   We believe that music lessons are to be enjoyed and to develop a love of the arts.  We support the study of all genres - classical, jazz, pop and beyond.

Teach In Harmony


Our teachers are carefully selected to offer a balance between performance skills, excellent technique and knowledge of music theory.  Most importantly, our faculty LOVES to TEACH!   We believe that music is life, and we do our best to convey our passion for music to our students.

The Future Sounds Good


Studio Papillon offers two formal recitals per year.  We encourage students of all levels and ages to take the stage.  We instill public speaking, stage presence and music performance skills in our recital program.  We believe that a solid foundation in performance enhances public speaking skills and confidence to support and integrate with career goals.

A Favorite Moment
Founder’s Notes 

I started piano lessons at age 4 and am a strong advocate of enrolling students in music lessons early.  I especially enjoy teaching students ages 4-6 with all of their enthusiasm and watching their music blossom.  I believe that the best music is that which is felt, enjoyed and supported by healthy technique and understanding of music theory.  At Studio Papillon, we guide our students in finding their own musicality while instilling flexible classical fundamentals.  We encourage the study of all genres, because music is life.

I also offer creativity coaching for women.  As an attorney who left the practice of law to pursue music, I help women connect with their creativity; disarm blocks; set goals; and achieve a state of creative flow, leading to a more personal and professional fulfillment.

We’d love to hear from you!

Email:  music@studiopapillon.org

Tel: 202-607-4196